AH Stander Attorneys, a firm born of resolve for excellence, offers a comprehensive range of services with the very best representation. We act quickly and efficiently from the moment we receive your instructions and guarantee personalised service from the onset. Due to the size of our firm, we can maintain a cost-effective and client-focused practice.

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    We specialise in a range of legal services that include Criminal Law matters, General Civil Litigation and all family law related matters.

    We value the uniqueness of each individual matter and provide tailor-made effective solutions which constantly evolve according to our client’s individual needs. 

    AH Stander Attorneys undertakes to provide our clients with dedication, an approachable attitude and quality legal services. 

    We strive to retain our clients through a continuation of excellence.

    Legal Expertise

    Criminal Law

    We are an experienced and effective team that specializes in all facets of criminal law. The importance of having criminal defense attorneys who understand the process guarantees that the rights of the accused remain protected throughout the legal process. Regardless of when, where and what time, AH Stander Attorneys will always be able to assist.

    We offer a wide array of services which include but are not exclusive to assistance with arrests, bail applications, court bail, police bail, representation at trial, related representation for the matters in the civil courts, protection orders, appeals, and reviews.

    We have a wide variety of experience in the following areas which include but are not exclusive to driving while under the influence, possession of illegal substances, assault, sexual assault, assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, theft, culpable homicide, attempted murder, arson, malicious injury to property, murder, robbery, commercial crimes and domestic violence.

    what to do when arrested?

    & the differnt Types of bail:

    Remain calm, don’t be aggressive and don’t resist arrest. Remember that an arrest may be made with or without a warrant of arrest. The lawfulness of the arrest will be challenged by your attorney later (if applicable).

    If you are arrested on a warrant you may demand a copy.

    Exercise your right to remain silent. Do not make a statement, even when you are innocent.

      1. Only provide your full names, Identity Number and residential address.

    Call your attorney at the first opportunity you get. We can assist at all hours of the day 0798404717.

    You are entitled to be informed of the reason for your arrest and detention.

    Be cooperative in all other aspect until your attorney arrives.

    Your attorney should handle things from there.

    1. Any arrested or detained person have a constitutional right to apply for bail, regardless of the charges against such person.
    2. The seriousness of the offense for which a person is charged will determine the “type” of bail such person can apply for (or rather which procedure should/can be used to apply for bail).
    3. The Criminal Procedure Act creates the following procedures to apply for bail:
      1. “Police Bail” – This is bail applied for at the police station and apply to less serious charges.
      2. “Prosecutorial Bail” – A prosecutor must be called upon to grant bail. This also happens at the police station and applies to charges more serious than those that apply to Police Bail but less serious than those requiring a formal bail application at Court.
      3. Formal Bail – A Formal Bail application can be brought in Court for any offense regardless of the seriousness of the offense/s charged with.
    4. Your attorney will advise you as to the relevant Schedule that applies to the charges against you and the appropriate procedure to be used to apply for bail.

    our services

    Our Firm Also Specialises in

    Criminal Law

    • Bail applications
    • Trial litigation
    • Sentencing
    • Appeals & Reviews
    • Complainant assistance

    Family Law

    • Children & spousal maintenance
    • Mediation
    • Parenting plans
    • Custody disputes
    • Uncontested & contested divorces
    • Disputes in respect of responsibility and rights of children

    Labour Law

    • Disciplinary hearings
    • CCMA representation
    • Labour court litigation
    • Employee, employer & union representation
    • Urgent applications & interdicts


    AH Stander Attorneys resolves to provide our clients with dedication, an approachable attitude, and quality legal services and to retain our clients through a continuation of excellence.


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