Commercial and General Litigation

Cost effective, thorough and timeously is the manner in which AH Stander handles all Litigation. AH Stander Attorneys prides itself in being a leader in the Industry when it comes to Litigation due to the success of our cases and the retention of clients within our firm.  We pride ourselves on our meticulous procedure and the constantly updates to our clients on progress.

Our services include but are not exclusive to the following,

  • Rehabilitations
  • Sequestrations
  • Collections 
  • Corporate Law 
  • Contract Law 
  • Property Law 
  • Estates and Wills
  • Insurance Law

A common misconception amongst the public is that the collection of debt from a slow paying and/or defaulting debtor shall necessarily result in exorbitant legal costs coupled with an arduous and lengthy trial. Whilst the aforementioned does indeed hold true for certain cases, the Magistrates’ Court Act does offer relief in certain instances. The purpose of this article is to explore two of the mentioned remedies to be found in Section 57 and Section 58 of the said Act.

In addition to the traditional debtor/creditor relationship which is empirically riddled with litigation, remedies available may extend to several other ancillary claims, such as interest (which rate is calculated at 9% per annum, unless otherwise specified contractually) which is calculated once the legal process has been initiated, specified damages, both current and future and even in certain instances, restoration.