Criminal Law

We are an experienced and effective team that specialises in all facets of criminal law. The importance of having criminal defence attorneys who understand the process guarantees that the rights of the accused remain protected throughout the legal process. Regardless of when, where and what time, AH Stander Attorneys will always be able to assist. 

We offer a wide array of services which include but are not exclusive to assistance with arrests, bail applications, court bail, police bail, representation at trial, related representation for the matters in the civil courts,protection orders, appeals and reviews. 

We have a wide variety of experience in the following areas which include but are not exclusive to driving while under the influence, possession of illegal substances, assault, sexual assault, assault with the intent to inflict grevious bodily harm, theft, culpable homicide, attempted murder, arson, malicious injury to property, murder, robbery,commercial crimes and domestic violence. 

After you are arrested your trial will not start immediately. If you are being detained you will have to consider bringing an Application to be released on Bail. After Bail was granted or refused the matter might be postponed several times for “further investigation”. You will also be given the opportunity to request disclosure from the state to determine the strength of its case and request further particulars with regards to the charges against you. Preferably this should be done after consultation with your legal representative and with his assistance.

We endeavour to provide our clients with 24/7 assistance in Bail Applications in the Gauteng area. Our attorneys provide guidance and support around the clock to ensure our Clients get the best possible advice and assistance when they most need it.

Bail proceedings are non-penal in nature and may not be used to punish a accused. The accused must be informed of his rights including his right to remain silent and should preferably exercise same. Employing an attorney in the early stages of prosecution (including bail proceedings) will ensure that the accused's rights remain protected and that his trial is not prejudiced by events leading up to trial.

After the Court has given Judgment in a criminal matter and the accused has been convicted of an offence, the accused’s legal representative will have to address the Court, on behalf of the accused, in respect of the mitigating and other factors which need to be taken into consideration when the court decides upon a propper and just sentence in correlation with the offence committed.