Contested Divorce

It often happens that the parties to a divorce (husband and wife), struggle to reach consensus in respect one or more of the following:

  • Division of Assets
  • Child Maintenance
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Rights and Responsibilities in respect of Minor Children such as Primary Residency or Contact

When the Parties are not able to resolve or settle the above the Divorce becomes contested and will in all likelihood become acrimonious, except if the Parties agree to mediate the disputes. Without successful mediation it is then left to the court to decide how to deal with same.

Naturally, when a Divorce does become contested and acrimonious in nature it will take much longer to reach finality and the cost involved will also be much higher than that of an unopposed divorce.

Although matrimonial law is a species of its own, it follows the same general procedure as that of normal civil litigation where pleading are exchanged, documents are discovered and experts are employed if needed. It culminates in a trial that can be frustrating and stressful to the parties. During such time you need to be able to rely on support and guidance from your legal team. At AH Stander Attorneys, with our vast experience in this area of the law, you can expect to receive just that.

Even the most acrimonious contested divorces may at any time be settled and proceeded with on an unopposed basis. It is therefore of utmost importance for a position of strength to be obtained and maintained through efficient litigation. 

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